The Devil is a Liar Schoolyard Cannibal

A tale of afro-Christian spiritual warfare seen through the lens A poignant prose-poem exploring microaggressions

of a mother and daughter searching for meaning in the midst faced by a young woman coming-of-age African in

of a family crisis. (The Masters Review) America (Brittle Paper)

It Takes a Village Some Say - Read or Listen

A satirical two-volume narrative exploring the acquisition and

alienation of parental affections. (The Baffler & BBC Radio)

Marginalia It Just Kills You Inside

A künstlerroman wherein a teen girl with graphic novel writing A zombie story that delves into the socio-political

aspirations dons a costumed alter-ego at Comic Con ramifications of an outbreak in West Africa.

on her journey to find herself.(Hunger Mountain) (The New Orleans Review)

My Own Flesh and Blood

A comedy of manners examining the social norms and not-so-niceties in

a Washington, D.C.-based Cameroonian community. (The Killens Review)


Petty Thefts

Two Lines: World Writing in Translation